Let's get the facts straight

Across the world, nearly 25.4 million refugees have fled their homes because of conflict and other disasters. Over half are children and young people under 18. But behind the numbers, every refugee has their own story.

The British Red Cross is the only organisation supporting refugees, people seeking asylum and vulnerable migrants at every point of their journey. We:
  • Reunite loved ones who have been torn apart
  • Reduce destitution and exploitation by providing basic assistance such as food, water, cash and clothing
  • Provide protection through shelters, offering legal advice and anti-trafficking programmes
  • Support integration and social inclusion, for example through language lessons, buddy programmes, education and volunteering opportunities 
  • Empower others to use their voice to enable people on the move to access basic support and protection
  • Care and support to survivors of trafficking through our specialist anti-trafficking officers in select UK locations, who can offer complex support

In 2018, we supported 36,500 people through our refugee services, reunited 989 families and took a lead role in the UK's anti-trafficking work.

Here is where you come in

By taking part in Miles for refugees, you'll be raising money that will make a huge impact on the lives of refugees, people seeking asylum and vulnerable migrants living here in the UK. With your support, the British Red Cross can continue to offer care and support and create long-term solutions for refugees.

Find out more about our work with refugees in the UK here.
A family sitting together on a bed - the family consists of a father, mother and two children. One is a young girl who is smiling, the other is a sleeping baby.