Red text of £10 in a grey circle background

could provide 1,200 chlorine tablets to ensure families have access to clean, safe water

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could provide 3 destitute refugees with food parcels, allowing them to cook meals for a week

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could cover the cost of 8 hours with a British Red Cross support worker, helping a refugee or person seeking asylum get advice on finding lost family members

Vital support to refugees around the world
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In the UK, gaps in support leave refugees destitute, without food and other essentials. Our services provide food parcels, clothes and medicines, allowing individuals and families to keep safe and get by

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For pregnant women forced to flee or families with small children, basic provisions and healthcare are hard to find. The Red Cross runs maternity units in countries like Yemen, and provides baby packs so parents can keep their babies well and fed

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Red Cross societies worldwide work together to help reconnect families torn apart by disaster, and at the British Red Cross we help refugees manage the process of having family members join them in the UK

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The British Red Cross advocates on behalf of refugees and people seeking asylum in the UK, calling for a kinder asylum system and highlighting the challenges people face such as unsuitable accommodation

Hear from the refugees helping to shape our work
Image of a woman holding a child with a quote saying I believe it is possible to achieve a UK where there are no labels
Image of a woman with a quote saying refugees don't choose where you go. You want to find a place to call home
Image of a woman with a quote saying showing humanity to people fleeing persecution is the right thing to do